OUT NOW! Our ‘Play Chopin’ special digital issue

23 June 2016
Chopin-3-11212.jpg chopin
‘Play Chopin’is Pianist's NEW special digital issue devoted to the piano music of this great composer. It includes 5 Chopin scores for all levels, step-by-step lessons, expert tips, video tutorials and more!

Why do so many of us love Chopin? What’s his allure? Could it be the poignant melodies in his nocturnes or the lilting rhythms in his waltzes and mazurkas? Maybe it’s the exquisite harmonies that weave their way through his préludes or the ferociously challenging codas at the end of his ballades?

Whatever the case, Chopin seems to speak to us. He’s not half tricky though, to pull off, and any concert pianist will tell you that it takes hours of practice to get even one of his most simplest pieces up to anywhere near perfection.

That’s where we are here to help! Inside this special Chopin issue I’ve chosen some of my favourite Chopin Scores from past issues of Pianist, catering for all levels. There are two beginner pieces – a simplified version of the G minor Ballade No 1 and the Prélude in A major op 28 no 7. Try your hand at these, and you’ll be well on your way to discovering the beauty of this composer. Then there are two intermediate pieces – the Prélude in E minor op 28 no 4 and the Waltz in B minor op 69 no 2. The E minor Prélude is one of Chopin’s most poignant gems. Along with the score, you can watch our house pianist Chenyin Li perform it (a great learning tool) and you can read Janet Newman’s step-by-step lesson (another great learning tool).

Then there’s the gorgeous Nocturne in D flat op 27 no 2. Yes, it’s a monumental piece, aimed at the more advanced pianist, but when you’ve read Lucy Parham’s in-depth lesson, we’re sure you’ll want master the work.

For some further guidance we feature a masterclass by Graham Fitch on the subject of Voicing. Good voicing is imperative in Romantic repertoire, Chopin at the top of the list. Graham offers up an array of tips, plus, you can watch his online video lesson on the very subject.

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I’m hoping that this special issue will whet your appetite enough to learn more Chopin. I can’t guarantee perfection in your playing, but I can guarantee hours of piano-playing pleasure.

Erica Worth, Editor