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13 January 2021
From Late Elementary level through to Advanced, you can play whatever you need help with…

Performance Workshop with Graham Fitch

Sunday 7 February, 12-6pm GMT, LIVE on Zoom

Intermediate to Advanced (approx. Grade 5 upwards)


Join Graham Fitch for a day-long workshop where he will coach eight pianists through their chosen pieces – or sections of their pieces – in front of a virtual audience.

✔ PARTICIPANTS will have one-on-one coaching on a piece of their choice, or a particular section in a piece which they find challenging. Graham will cover style and interpretation, technical issues as well as practice method.

✔ AUDITORS can tune in and watch. Graham’s advice will surely help viewers all around the globe. Have your questions ready, and Graham will answer them between and at the end of the workshop.

Graham says, "Like all my performance classes, this one will be a positive and empowering experience for the performer. My suggestions and feedback will be applicable to all, whether you are playing or listening. Unlike a traditional masterclass, I will endeavour to find out what you want to say about the piece in your performance, and help you do it more convincingly." 





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'Tricky Corners' Online Piano Course with Melanie Spanswick

Sunday 21 February, 10am-4pm GMT, LIVE on Zoom

Late Elementary to Intermediate level (approx. Grade 2-6)


Melanie Spanswick will coach six participants, guiding them through their chosen repertoire, focusing particularly on sections of pieces which are causing difficulty or are proving ‘Tricky’.

✔ All elements will be discussed, from style and interpretation to technical issues and practice suggestions.

✔ Melanie will work with each course member offering many practical suggestions, and this course will be especially useful for those who have tension-related issues. 

Note: The course is closed to the public.

Melanie says, "This online course will show you exactly how to practise the technically, or musically, demanding passages in your chosen repertoire. I will work with you, during the one-to-one lesson, until you find the correct movements to improve and master those 'tricky corners'. Observing the lessons of other course members will also hopefully offer more practice ideas!"