New music from down under: New Zealand artist DuFey releases new piano album

14 April 2022
By Ellie Palmer
DuFey, which is made up of Pianist/Composer Craig Duffy (stage name DuFey) and pianist Zeb Wulff, has released 'Piano Journeys' – now available to stream on Spotify.


This album is DuFey's first release, and is the result of many years of musical discovery and exploration. Craig Duffy, 66, composed each of the eleven tracks on the album over several years, with each one being a reflection of an episode of his own life. He reworked the pieces during a Covid-19 lockdown period last year and polished them to accommodate Zeb Wulff’s 'prodigious talent as a pianist'.

Duffy first discovered his love for music during his travels to India as a young man. He spent a winter in the Himalayas where a fellow musical traveller introduced him to Rhythm and Blues. Years later, he discovered the piano and poured his life experiences into a brand new album.


'Piano Journeys' is out now on Spotify

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Duffy comments, "Working collaboratively with another pianist was a revelation. Wulff brought the pieces to life with a sparkle and a brilliance. He brought fresh ideas and insights to the pieces and tempos I hadn’t thought about."

The pair are both piano teachers at the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts in New Zealand.