Millions of people around the world celebrate World Music Day

21 June 2019
By Ellie Palmer
World music day World music day
The annual celebration takes place every year on 21 June

Music lovers across all nations have today been celebrating World Music Day.

Each year on 21 June, citizens of all countries are encouraged to play music outside in their neighbourhoods, public spaces, and parks. Free concerts are often organised, where musicians play for fun and not for payment. 

World Music Day first took place in Paris back in 1982 after French composer Maurice Fleuret began 'dreaming of a way to bring musicians out onto the streets.' He had discovered that one out of every two young people in France at the time played a musical instrument. 

37 years on, the festival is celebrated by over 120 countries worldwide.

World Music Day is also known as Make Music Day in the UK.

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See how music lovers around the world have been celebrating below!

How are you celebrating?