Meet RipX: the software that lets you single out the piano part of any recording for easier learning

31 March 2023
By Ellie Palmer
Learn, practise and record piano to ANY MP3 or recording



As pianists, many of us want to learn parts from songs and compositions to either improve our playing skills, learn new techniques, perform cover versions, or find ideas and inspiration to create our own compositions from.

Unfortunately, the sheet music, MIDI parts, multitracks or audio stems aren't always available to enable us to do so. As a result, it can be problematic and time-consuming figuring out the correct piano notes and chords from certain songs. 

This is where RipX comes in.

Created by Hit’n’Mix, RipX is a multiple-award winning software app and set of modules. The first module, DeepRemix, offers cutting-edge audio separation that splits MP3s and other recordings into individual instruments and notes, including piano, guitar, vocals, drums and bass.

This enables pianists to:

✔ See and play notes on a beautifully animated piano roll.

✔ Play along to the songs you love the most, by removing piano parts for a quick backing track

✔ Mute or delete backing track parts to create solo piano performances

✔ Correct mistakes by deleting notes hit by accident, pitch-shift wrong notes or time-shift notes played too soon or late

✔ Click individual piano notes to hear them played back, even those making up chords

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✔ View the piano note pitch on the keyboard at the left of the screen and printed at the bottom left

✔ Slow down tempo to hear fast piano notes and chord changes more easily

✔ Loop sections of music to help learn by ear through repetition

✔ Apply effects such as Pitch to Scale for correcting performances made on out-of-tune pianos and applying different scales, plus the Level effect for fine tuning performances, e.g. to bring a melody note out more

✔ Make a live piano performance recording sound more live (or bigger) by adding effects such as reverb or delay to create more of a concert hall feel – especially for those performances recorded in ‘closed’ or dry-sounding venues, home or rehearsal studio environments

✔ Export piano parts from any recording as MIDI files for use in DAWs or notation programmes, ridding the need for inefficient notation guesswork, and other methods

✔ Import video files (Mac only) consisting of audio synced with video and study filmed performances of yourself or others


By buying or adding-on the DeepCreate module (which includes DeepRemix), you get additional MIDI/MPE and audio recording with added stem, sound and sample experimentation, plus a variety of additional effects:

✔ Learn and practise piano parts to any song using DeepRemix, then record your own parts using DeepCreate’s audio input or MIDI/MPE keyboard

✔ Rip, import and record piano and keyboard libraries and other instruments to perform using MIDI, or to update another part

✔ Change and blend piano and keyboard parts into/with different piano or keyboard instruments such electric piano, piano combined with strings, organ, harpsichord etc

✔ Perform and record piano more naturally by using modern MPE controllers that allow for gesture controlled movements.



Download a FREE, 21-day RipX trial here

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