Markson Pianos present Bosendorfer Concert Series

14 June 2012
imports_PIA_0-aiztpfgs-100000_92993.jpg Markson Pianos present Bosendorfer Concert Series
<p> Marksons Pianos has joined forces with one of the worlds oldest and most famous piano manufacturers, B&ouml;sendorfer, to present its new &lsquo;B&ouml;sendorfer Concert Series&rsquo; featuring performances by both internationally renowned and rising classical and contemporary piano artists in the setting of St Mary Magdalene Church in London. Ana Silvera (pictured) will be the first artist to appear</p> ...

The series initially features six concerts by Ana Silvera, Christina Lawrie, Graham Fitch, John Cervantes and Adam Brown, and Maria Razumovskya. (Note that Graham Fitch is as contributor to Pianist magazine. You can read his Masterclasses inside every issue, and also watch him give lessons online.)

All will perform using the prestigious Bösendorfer 280 Concert Grand Piano in situ at St Mary Magdalene Church. The announcement comes as Bösendorfer pianos become the instruments of choice at an increasing number of internationally renowned venues, and are selected by acclaimed artists at the highest level of classical and contemporary repertoire.

The season commences on 27th June with Indie classical singer and composer Ana Silvera, an emerging star singer/multi-instrumentalist making waves here and in the US. Described by Late Junction, BBC Radio 3 as 'Sublime…one of those songwriters who seems to appear fully formed in our midst', Ana’s songs draw on her eventful life, as well as referencing mythical and historical tales for their lively narratives.

Simon Markson of Markson Pianos says, 'We are immensely proud and delighted to be able to present this wonderful concert series with Bösendorfer Pianos whose extraordinary heritage offers the ultimate performance, elegance and opulence. We hope as many pianists and music lovers in London will join us to experience the performances of these fantastic artists at such a beautiful venue and also stay to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine afterwards.'

Bösendorfer’s Leanne Barrell comments, 'At Bösendorfer pianos we are absolutely thrilled to be partnering Marksons for this series that allows us to present performances by outstanding new and established piano artists across a mix of genres in an idyllic setting, whilst reinforcing the special qualities of Bösendorfer pianos.'

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Tickets: Ana Silvera – 27th June: £7 on the door or pre-booked; £5 Concessions. All other concerts: £6 on the door or pre-booked; £3 Concessions. Starts: 7.00 pm. Venue: St Mary Magdalene Church, Munster Square, London, NW1 3PH. Concerts are now available for booking in advance by calling 0207 935 8682 or emailing [email protected].

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