Krystian Zimerman stars inside the latest issue of Pianist – OUT NOW

19 March 2021
By Ellie Palmer
Issue 119 is available in print or to download straight to your device


Issue 119 of Pianist (April/May) is out today!


What's inside the new issue?

40 pages of Scores: 12 pieces to learn from beginner to advanced level

Masterclass No 1: Graham Fitch on playing with style

Masterclass No 2: Mark Tanner on how to give your pieces a good spring clean

 Three 'How-To-Play' lessons

 Composers we love to hate

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Announcing the winner of the 2021 Pianist Composing Competition

 ✔ Exclusive video lessons for all levels. Watch Graham Fitch's latest lesson below 👇🏽


Listen to Zimerman's best performances below:


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