Kawai offering up to £1,000 off your new hybrid piano purchase

03 April 2023
By Guest Writer
The Kawai Hybrid Contribution runs from 3rd April - 31st August 2023. Now is the best time to choose a new hybrid piano!

Everyone can take advantage of this fantastic offer and make huge savings on a Kawai Hybrid piano*. Whether for your living room, studio, classroom or hospitality venue, a Kawai Hybrid piano can take your performance to the next level!


Which models are included in this offer?

As one of the world’s leading piano manufactures, Kawai produce both Digital Hybrid Pianos (Novus), and Acoustic Hybrid Pianos (Anytime ATX4 and AURES2), offering an authentic playing experience for pianists of all levels.

*For the full list of included models, and levels of Kawai contribution, see the table below:


How do I claim the Kawai Hybrid Contribution?

When purchasing from an approved Novus or Anytime/AURES retailer in the UK or ROI**, the Kawai Hybrid Contribution will be automatically applied at the till on qualifying models purchased between 3rd April – 31st August.

Find your nearest Hybrid retailer here.

For more details and full Terms and Conditions, visit https://www.kawai.co.uk/blog/


What is a Hybrid Piano?

Hybrid pianos combine the benefits of Acoustic and Digital. Their true acoustic actions offer the pianist the real feeling and response of an acoustic instrument while the latest in digital technology provides the freedoms of a digital piano such as the ability to play silently with headphones, record performances to USB and select from a range of instrumental voices (plus much more).


What is a Novus?

Kawai’s Novus range (NV10S and NV5S) are digital hybrid pianos that feature the celebrated Millennium III hybrid action, providing the feeling of an acoustic piano, however they do not contain strings or require tuning.


The Kawai NV5S


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The Kawai NV10S



What is Anytime ATX4

Anytime pianos are fully acoustic instruments with strings, allowing the pianist to play traditionally, with an added hybrid system for silent playing with headphones without altering the feel of the acoustic action.

In this mode, the pianist can enjoy the sublime sample of Kawai’s renowned Shigeru Kawai SK-EX through the included SH-9 headphones as they play without disturbing others.


What is AURES?

AURES pianos feature all the benefits of the Anytime models with an additional and very special feature: soundboard transducers. The transducers allow the AURES to transmit the digital sound signal (that would otherwise be heard from the headphones) to the piano’s wooden soundboard, meaning all the beautiful instrument voices can be played out loud with a truly natural acoustic feeling. This even allows the pianist to use the SK-EX piano sample and control the volume for out-loud practice!

The K300ATX4 (ep)


The K500AURES2 (ep)


All Kawai Novus S, ATX4 and AURES2 hybrid pianos can be controlled with Kawai’s free and easy-to-use PianoRemote App, giving pianists greater control over their performance!

** For Euro saving values in ROI, please contact your local Kawai retailer.

Terms and conditions apply.

For more details and full Terms and Conditions, visit https://www.kawai.co.uk/blog/