Holistic Day for Pianists on Sunday 16 July at Schott Music, London

19 May 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-05-19-at-11.40.28-32668.png Melanie & Genia
Melanie Spanswick and GéNIA explore physical flexibility & relaxation techniques, plus the mental mindfulness required for memorisation and sight-reading



with Russian-born pianist, teacher, composer and founder of Piano-Yoga® GéNIA and pianist, educator, composer, author and adjudicator Melanie Spanswick


Melanie (left) and GéNIA (right) met in 2012, and immediately recognised their shared beliefs; helping piano students to realise their true potential by offering holistic technical and musical guidance, and thereby encouraging a different approach to piano playing. Subsequent workshops and projects have followed, and now we are delighted to present a complete holistic piano day which will explore several important elements; incorporating the physical flexibility and relaxation techniques employed in Piano-Yoga® with the mental mindfulness required in memorisation and sight-reading.


Holistic Day for Pianists is an exciting all-day event for amateur pianists, music students, piano teachers and young musicians from the age of 13, to be held at Schott Music in London on Sunday 16th July 2017.


Find out the schedule of the day, further information and to find out how to book

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Melanie Spanswick is a regular contributor to Pianist magazine. She writes our Beginner level 'How to Play' articles. Watch her here interviewing Pianist editor Erica Worth: