Hear Yamaha's CF6 grand piano played by Pianist readers

27 February 2013
imports_PIA_0-pqcx36on-100000_01465.jpg Hear Yamaha's CF6 grand piano played by Pianist readers
<p> In the December/January 2013 issue of <em>Pianist</em> (issue 69), Chris Venables Pianos, pictured, were giving <em>Pianist</em> readers the unique opportunity to make a free quality recording of themselves on the new hand-built Yamaha CF6 grand piano (currently the only one on display in the UK) at their showroom in Hampshire</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> ...

Those who came in to the showroom had their performances recorded on A/V (CD-quality recording) and were given your own personal copy to take away. Performances were also videoed and put onto DVD, also for personal use. 

A selection of the videos are now featured on the Venables Pianos website and the Venables Youtube Channel.

Pianist has selected some of its favourite recordings. So sit back, click on the links below, and enjoy the sounds of the Yamaha CF6!

Ian Carey plays a Chopin Nocturne

Heong Chong plays Yellow River

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Joe Crane, who is self-taught, plays his own composition ‘Concerto

Rachel Hind plays a Grieg Nocturne

Yoana Karemova plays Rachmaninov Etude Tableau in E flat minor

Gareth Petty plays the second movement from Mozart’s Sonata K330