Hear six young talented pianists this Sunday at the ALL ABOUT PIANO! festival in London

30 March 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-03-30-at-13.08.26-43285.png Hands
Pianist editor Erica Worth will be hosting this intriguing event in which the audience can also have its say


The All About Piano! festival's 'amateur' contest has revealed extraordinary talented children and young adults

Come watch these talents perform on Sunday 2 April at Institut Français at 4pm


Here they are: 

Jacky Zhang, age 8

Ivan Yurchenko, 10

Tristan Vermeulin, 12

Amiri Harewood, 14

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Alexander Huntley, 16


The event will be hosted by Erica Worth, editor at Pianist Magazine

Full details on how to get hold of tickets! 


Here’s what to expect! Ivan Yurchenko (age 10)