Great Piano Composers of the Classical Era is out NOW!

22 June 2015
imports_PIA_great-composers-64471_16651.png Great Piano Composers of the Classical Era is out NOW!
OUT NOW!  ‘Great Composers of the Classical Era’, the special issue from Pianist magazine. Read about Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and the other greats... the techniques needed to play their works, the pianos they played on, the top interpreters of their music today, 40 pages of sheet music, and much more
OUT NOW! 'Great Piano Composers of the Classical Era', brought to you by Pianist magazine. You'll perfect your Classical piano playing in no time! 

Here’s just some of the content:
The usual 40 pages of sheet music plus cover CD Our editor’s selection of the best Classical Scores from past issues of the magazine. Composers include Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Hummel, Cimarosa, CPE Bach and Clementi

5 how-to-play lessons from beginner to advanced – includes the first movement of Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight’, CPE Bach's Solfeggietto and Mozart’s Rondo in A minor
2 masterclasses from the experts Mark Tanner on perfecting your Classical playing and Graham Fitch on improving techniques found in the Beethoven Sonatas
Pianists Jean-Efflam Bavouzet, Imogen Cooper, Stephen Kovacevich and Howard Shelleytalk about the joys (and challenges) of playing the great Classical repertoire
John Suchet, the renowned Classic FM radio presenter and Beethoven author, talks about his passion for the composer and his piano works
Walk in the footsteps of the great Classical composers by reading our feature on European cities and festivals brimming with musical history

Discover the Classical era with articles on Mozart the Man, Beethoven’s ‘32’, Keyboards of the Classical Period, the best recordings and sheet music, and more!

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