Grammy Award-winning pianist Bill Laurance set to release new solo piano album

10 October 2022
By Ellie Palmer
'Affinity', which is mostly improvisational, will be released on 21 October via Flint Music, his own record label

British pianist Bill Laurance is releasing a new album, his first to consist purely of original solo piano material, later this month.

'Affinity' differs hugely from Laurance's previous releases, many of which have touched heavily on electronic music. Laurance comments, "I've wanted to do a solo piano album for as long as I can remember. To perform solo, represents musical freedom in its purest form and there is no other setting where I feel more at home.

"My last studio album 'Cables' was originally intended to be a solo piano album, but quickly morphed into something quite different involving an endless array of synthesisers and guitar pedals. This time I was determined to celebrate the instrument in all its glory, by itself.”

The first single from the album, Sirens, is out now.



Track names were chosen by ruminating on Bill’s emotional response to the evolution of the piece during composing or to the final recordings, with titles such as ‘Affinity’ being a wordless interpretation of what he describes as “the heart of the unexplainable magnetic energy that I experienced as soon as I put felt on the piano.” Songs such as ‘Pillars’ represent his “power of faith in things” whilst ‘Home’ is a reflection of “the stability and a constant, and how lucky one is to have one.”

The 41-year-old will tour the UK and Europe this year, starting on 4 November in Cambridge and taking in cities including Manchester, London, Dresden, St Gallen, Istanbul, and other places. More information on his tour can be found here.

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Laurance is also a member of jazz fusion and funk band Snarky Puppy, and has won four Grammy Awards during his time with the band.




Enjoy more of Bill Laurance below.