Good piano habits vs bad piano habits: How do we tell the difference?

22 August 2022
By Ellie Palmer
Alisdair Hogarth returns for a new three-part online masterclass series, Good Habits vs Bad Habits, live on Zoom at 7pm BST on 1 September, 18 September, and 2 October


We're delighted to have Steinway Artist Alisdair Hogarth back to host another series of online piano masterclasses, this time looking at good and bad habits at the piano.

Developing bad habits at the piano can take a while to weed out, especially when we don't know we're doing them. In these three Zoom sessions, Alisdair will break down a series of good habits that we can implement for the long term, help us identify and fix bad habits, and also look at how to deal with issues such as injury, arthritis and tendonitis.

Each masterclass is approximately 1 hour long and will include a Q&A for you to ask any questions you may have. A full breakdown of each session can be found below. We hope to see you there!

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◼️ SESSION 1: Good habits to adopt in your playing, looking specifically at techniques such as scales, octaves, trills, arpeggios and more

◼️ SESSION 2: How to identify a bad habit... and how to FIX it

◼️ SESSION 3: Injury, arthritis, carpel tunnel, tendonitis... how do we deal with these issues as pianists?