Give the gift of Pianist this Christmas

13 December 2022
By Ellie Palmer
Enjoy up to 50% off a whole range of repertoire, cheat sheets, special editions and more

Enjoy 25% off a print subscription to Pianist


Do you have a piano-loving friend or relative? Surprise them with a 12-month Pianist subscription this Christmas and save 25%! Enjoy over 200 pages of music over the course of the year, plus more than 25 in-depth masterclasses, video lessons galore, and mountains more.

And if you don’t have someone in mind, why not treat yourself?

When signing up, make sure to select the correct tab, as shown below.



Save 50% off the Complete Composer Special Set

Includes Play Chopin, Play Bach, Play Mozart, Play Beethoven and Play Debussy

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Learn how to play these composers' most loved pieces, plus enjoy masterclasses on the pieces from our professional teachers! Each Composer Special features at least 30 pages of scores to learn for all levels, step-by-step lessons on a selection of pieces, and masterclasses on technique. All for just £19.99.



Enjoy the new Christmas special 🌲

What’s the festive season without a few Christmassy tunes being played around the house?

We’ve compiled a range of Christmas/Winter themed pieces into one big digital special! There are pieces for all levels including Silent Night, Rebikov’s Christmas Tree WaltzDecember by Tchaikovsky and lots more.

Plenty to keep you busy over this holiday season!


40% off the entire Pianist cheat sheet set

Includes 15 downloadable cheat sheets

Enjoy our entire collection – yes, our ENTIRE collection – of cheat sheets this Christmas and enjoy 40% off. Each cheat sheet is designed to be like a piano lesson plan or activity; guiding you through different topics such as major scales, arpeggios, the circle of fifths and plenty more.

These fun interactive cheat sheets are perfect for those less intense practice sessions between Christmas and New Year🖤