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17 October 2013
imports_PIA_0-ahehwu5z-100000_06856.jpg Exclusive 30% discount offer for Pianist readers
<strong>Exclusive 30% discount for <em>Pianist </em>readers to buy a copy of <em>Menahem Pressler Artistry in Piano Teaching book</em></strong> ...
Readers of Pianist magazine can now receive a 30% discount on the title Menahem Pressler:Artistry in Piano Teaching when they quote the discount code WMG3XX at the online checkout.

In this fantastic book former Pressler student William Brown traces the master's pianistic development through Rudiakov, Kestenberg, Vengerova, Casadesus, Petri, and Steuermann, blending techniques and traditions derived from Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, and even J. S. Bach. Brown presents Pressler's approach to performance and teaching, including technical exercises, principles of relaxation and total body involvement, and images to guide the pianist's creativity toward expressive interpretation.

Insights from the author's own lessons, interviews with Pressler, and recollections of more than 100 Pressler students from the past 50 years are gathered in this text. Measure-by-measure lessons on 23 piano masterworks by among others Bach, Bartok, Debussy, and Ravel as well as transcriptions of Pressler's fingerings, hand redistributions, practicing guidelines, musical scores, and master class performances are included.

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