Everything you need to know about this year's Eighth Cliburn International Amateur Piano Competition

12 August 2022
By Ellie Palmer
Tickets are now on sale for the competition, which takes place from 12-18 October in Fort Worth, Texas

42 of the best non-professional pianists from around the globe are set to arrive in Fort Worth this October for three rounds of competition, all taking place at the famous Bass Performance Hall.

This year's competitors, aged 25 and older, come from a variety of career backgrounds including medicine, education, law, engineering, business and technology.



How will it work?

The preliminary round takes place from 12-14 October. Each of the 42 competitors will present a solo recital of their choosing, not to exceed 15 minutes in length.

The 20 best competitors will then advance to the semifinal round from 15-16 October, where they will be tasked with presenting another solo recital of their choosing, this time not exceeding 28 minutes in length.

Just six competitors will then advance through to the 18 October final round. These six will be tasked with performing a concerto movement with the Forth Worth Symphony Orchestra.

18 October will also see the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya close out the competition with a performance. This will then be followed by the Awards ceremony.


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©Bass Performance Hall

Who is on the jury?

This year's Jury will be chaired by teacher Pamela Mia Paul (USA), who has replaced 1962 Cliburn Gold Medalist Ralph Votapek who has had to withdraw due to a scheduling conflict. 

Pamela Mia Paul will be joined on the Jury by Peter Czornyj (United Kingdom), Alessandro Deljavan (Italy), Valery Kuleshov (United States), Carol Leone (United States), Alex McDonald (United States) and Spencer Myer (United States).


Will it be available to stream online?

Unfortunately, due to complications caused by venue and schedule changes, this year's competition will not be webcast. However, there are plenty of ticket options if you are interested in attending in person. You can find out more here.


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