Europe plays host to a series of floating piano concerts

13 August 2020
By Ellie Palmer
Le PianO Du Lac will present a number of performances on some of the continent's most stunning lakes

Have you ever attended a floating piano concert?

Now might be your chance!

Le PianO Du Lac are presenting four different floating shows in four different cities across Europe. 

Each performance takes place on a carefully-crafted float, with all instruments securely tied down of course. Instruments are also mic'd up, allowing the audiences watching from the lake's bank to hear every aspect of the performance. 

Thankfully, the spacious outdoor nature of these events means that they can still go ahead despite the current Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing tape is laid out at each event, and masks are required by all attendees.

There are four shows in total, with each show offering a number of performances over a period of a few weeks. See the full details below.



1. Melting Flotte

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Cécile Wouter (left) and Evelyne Zou. © Loic Mallet

Location: FRANCE (east, center, north) & BELGIUM.

Dates:  From July 14 to August 30.

With Cécile Wouters and Evelyne Zou.

Aquatic duo piano & song – Classical recital and French songs.

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2. Musiques Flottantes

Cédric Granelle (left), Delphine Coutant (centre) and Daniel Trutet (right). © PianO Du Lac

Location: FRANCE (West: Pays de la Loire, Brittany. South-west also included).

Dates: From July 28 to September 13, 2020.

With Delphine Coutant (violin), Cédric Granelle (violincello) and Daniel Trutet (piano).

Poetic compositions trio.

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3. Yoopi Jazz Boat

The Yoopi Jazz Band. © Etienne Renzo

Location: FRANCE (East & South: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes).

Dates: From August 4 to September 13, 2020.

With the Yoopi Jazz Band – Voel (piano), Kevin Clerx (trumpet/vocals), Floriane Dénarié (trombone/vocals), Lolo Labejof (washboard/bass drum/vocals), Jilo Pernin (banjo/vocals), Adrien Merer (tuba).

New Orleans-style.

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4. PianOla

Violette Prevost © Jo Illera

Location: SPAIN.

Dates: From July 12 to August 23.

With Violette Prevost (piano), Mehdi Meskini (poet and lyricist) and Clément Béguet (trumpet).

Music & poetry on the water.

Piano, text, trumpet

Our Spanish site:

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It certainly sounds like an enticing experience. We're tempted to go!

Main image: Musiques Flottantes © Sebastien Matharel