Eric Lu stars inside issue 106: OUT NOW

25 January 2019
By Ellie Palmer
Pianist magazine issue 106 Pianist magazine issue 106
The American pianist talks to us about life after winning The Leeds International Piano Competition last September

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Our first issue of 2019 includes:

- A new year, a new you: Goals for 2019

- 12 pieces to learn by Satie, Scriabin, Mozart, Beethoven and more

- Plus the Young & Heyman hit 'When I Fall In Love'

- Masterclass No 1: Repeated-note playing (watch the video lesson on the Pianist TV channel)

- Masterclass No 2: Avoiding wrong notes

- Advanced 'How to Play' lesson by Lucy Parham on Liszt's famous Sonetto 104 del Petrarca

- Life after Winning the Leeds: In-depth interview with Eric Lu

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- Piano Teacher Help Desk: The benefits of singing out loud when you play

- Keeping nerves at bay - tips from the experts

- NEW & EXCLUSIVE VIDEO LESSONS TO DISCOVER including Noriko Ogawa on Satie's Le Piccadilly (the score of which appears inside. Watch her video lesson below)

And lots more!


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