Enjoy a free issue of Pianist throughout May

24 May 2023
By Ellie Palmer
We're giving you a free digital copy of Pianist issue 130 on the house - available this month only

Whether you've never tried Pianist out at all, or you're a print subscriber who wants to try a digital issue, now is the perfect time to give us a go!

You can enjoy the digital version of Pianist issue 130, which came out earlier this year, completely on the house – available throughout the rest of May only. Inside your free issue, you'll find:

✔ 40+ pages of scores to learn including pieces from Amy Beach and Scott Joplin

✔ Step-by-step lessons on a selection of pieces including a fascinating lesson on Rachmaninov's Prelude in G major Op 32 No 5

✔ Exclusive interview with The Leeds International Piano Competition winner Alim Beisembayev

✔ Piano masterclasses on thumb fingering and preparing for a performance

✔ Rachmaninov@150 celebrations

✔ Fascinating insight into the lives of two pianists blind from birth 

✔ Stories of some eminent late starters as inspiration for the late bloomers among us 

✔ Alexander Malofeev exclusive

✔ Repertoire for smaller hands

✔ Video lessons and performances to enjoy

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& more



What's the difference between our print issues and digital issues?

Digital gives you:

✔ Instant access

✔ 2+ hours of video lessons and performances exclusive to the digital edition

✔ EXTRA scores inside every issue

✔ Compatible with both Apple and Android

✔ Subscribe annually and save up to 33% on your first year


Check out our digital subscription options here to start enjoying every issue of Pianist.