Editor's Score of the Month: 'Rigaudon' from Grieg's Holberg Suite

25 October 2016
Score-of-month-04862.png Rigaudon
In a new regular column, editor Erica Worth chooses a favourite score from the current issue

Rigaudon, from Grieg's Holberg Suite op 40

I’ve played all the movements of Grieg’s Holberg Suite, aside from this catchy Rigaudon. I think it’s because I’ve been ‘afraid’ to learn it because of its quick tempo and the perfect articulation that’s needed.

However, when I heard Chenyin Li record it for us at the Royal College of Music, I fell in love with it! I adore that dance-like Baroque style it has to it, and that light, clipped feel. It’s interesting to note that Grieg wrote the piece in 1884 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the important Scandinavian literary figure Ludvig Holberg, so it points back to the music of Holberg’s time – hence the French Baroque style.

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Yes, you will indeed need great finger articulation (learning it slowly, with fingers raised) and a good sense of pulse and forward drive. But after lots of slow and careful practice, you’re going to love to play it. I’ve even embarked on it, at long last!

You can watch our talented house pianist Chenyin Li perform it too – another incentive to go out and get your hands on the current issue!