Dubai kicks off Third Edition of Classic Piano International Competition

15 February 2024
By Ellie Palmer
Over the next ten days, some of the world's most talented young pianists will go head-to-head for the chance to win a staggering €250,000

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The Third Round of the Classic Piano International Competition kicks off this week in the city of Dubai.

The Third Round will take place from 16-22 February, with the Grand Final taking place across three days from 24-26 February at the Zabeel Theatre, located in the famous Palm Jumeirah.


Dubai's Zabeel Theatre


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This is just the third edition of the competition, which took place for the first time in 2018 and then again in 2021. This year's edition is a culmination of two years of international high-level competitions that have been held in music capitals all around the world as part of the competition's ‘14 Ways to Dubai’ initiative. Austria, USA, France, Italy, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Poland, UK, Armenia, South Korea, China, Japan, Israel, and Spain have all played host for these preliminary rounds.

The top five-ranked contestants from each of these rounds made it through to this year's competition. 

Over the next ten days, these talented contestants will go head-to-head for the chance to win a staggering €250,000. This prize money will be split across the top nine finishers. €150,000 is allocated to 1st Place, €50,000 to 2nd Place and €25,000 to 3rd Place, with the remaining prize money split between those who finish from 4th-9th place. The 1st Place winner will also win a 10-concert tour.

The Classic Piano International Competition competitors will perform pieces from across the entire spectrum of the corpus, including works from the pen of the event’s Composer-In-Residence, Alexey Shor.

You can watch the Third Round and Finals live on

For more information on the Classic Piano International Competition, visit their website here.