Daria van den Bercken plays Handel Keyboard Suites in London

07 May 2013
imports_PIA_0-ndx70hcu-100000_02185.jpg Daria van den Bercken plays Handel Keyboard Suites in London
<p> This May, as part of a CD Release Tour for Sony Classical, the Dutch pianist Dari van den Bercken will be playing a selection of Handel Keyboard Suites in off-the-beaten track venues around London</p> ...

Originally written for the harpsichord, Daria plays the keyboard suites on the modern piano. ‘I still remember the winter evening when I first laid my hands on the sheet music. The joy and the lightness of the suites instantly resonated with me. But there was a melancholy and a sense of resignation as well. That contrast really gripped me and I knew I wanted to share this music. I want everyone to feel how I felt on that evening.’


For the project Handel At The Piano, Daria won the Amsterdam Prize 2012, the Dutch capital’s most prestigious art prize. Her CD Handel Suites for Keyboard was released by Sony Classical in the autumn of 2012 in the Netherlands and has received rave reviews from the national newspapers. It is released here this month.


CD Release Tour dates

Sunday 12 May, 11 am, The Forge, Camden — Keys and Coffee Concert Series 

Sunday 12 May, 7:30 pm Recital in private home, Hampshire

Monday 13 May, 12:30 pm, The Dutch Centre, City — City Soup Session!  

Monday 13 May, 7pm Recital in private home, Highgate

Tuesday 14 May, recital in private home, Cricklewood

Wednesday 15 May, 7:30 pm recital in private home, Chiswick

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Thursday 16 May, 7:30 pm recital in private home, Westminster


Here's further information about Daria and her tour dates.


The CD:

George Frideric Handel Suites for Keyboard

Suite in D minor HWV 428; Suite in F major HWV 427; Menuet in G minor HWV 434/1; Chaconne in G major HWV 435, plus other works

Sony Classical 88765418832


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