Czech pianist and composer Borrtex releases new contemporary album

20 December 2020
By Ellie Palmer
'Harmony' is now available on all streaming platforms

Pianist and composer Borrtex has released a brand-new album – and it does not disappoint. 

Harmony, which is out now, features twelve piano compositions varying in speed, intensity, performance and style. Despite their own differences, these songs create a complex form, resonating as a palette of harmonious balance. Striking keys including repetitive patterns and pulses typical for the minimalist genre, are later replaced by calmer themes, which culminate in acoustically tuned piano solo ballads in the second half of the album. 


'Harmony' features twelve piano compositions varying in speed, intensity, performance and style


Borrtex comments, "This solo record is very special to me. Most of the ideas came down pretty unexpectedly while I was improvising on my new custom built acoustic upright piano.

The creative process felt very enriching and liberating as there was no intention whatsoever, I was just enjoying the music and it all happened very naturally to me, which I find really inspiring. I truly do believe that my work is going to bring value to other people and hopefully they will enjoy it as well.”


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Borrtex premiers 'Fluid', the first single from his new album


Borrtex has been playing the piano since the age of six, but surprisingly only kickstarted his career in the industry in 2017. In the same year, he met with some of Hollywood's most successful instrumental composers: James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer to name but a few, who have all contributed to the inspiration behind this latest release. 

Borrtex's passion for instrumental composition has led to much of his work being featured in over 3,000 international projects including the titles of Netflix, HBO and Showtime. 

You can stream Harmony in full on Spotify.


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