'Concert for Peace' set to take place at Amsterdam's Concertgebouw on 6 March

03 March 2022
By Ellie Palmer
The concert is part of the #hArtforUkraine campaign that raises funds through Giro 555, which is the Dutch member of the Emergency Appeals Alliance (EAA). 100% of ticket sales and voluntary contributions go directly to Giro 555 or equivalent charities around the world.

Concert for Peace will be broadcast live on Dutch classical music station NPO Radio 4. The concert will also be livestreamed on NPO's YouTube and Facebook channels, which will be viewable worldwide.

Amsterdam's Concertgebouw is set to host a 'Concert for Peace' this Sunday 6 March. 

The concert has been organised remarkably quickly by three classical musicians: Ukrainian pianist Anna Fedorova, Russian cellist Maya Fridman and Ukrainian percussionist Konstantyn Napolov. The concert is the result of a statement written by the Ukrainian pianist Anna Fedorova and the subsequent desire to 'do something' in regards to the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

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The trio will be joined violinist Liza Ferschtman, pianist Nino Gvetadze, violinist Rosanne Philippens, violist Dana Zemtsov, and members of the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

The programme of music includes a number of works written by Ukrainian composers such as Valentyn Silvestrov, Myroslav Skoryk, Maxim Shalygin, Borys Fedorov and Svyatoslav Lunyov. Movements from Mozart’s Piano Quartet No. 2 and Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 2. The main hall of the Concertgebouw will be lit in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Viewers can donate to their chosen causes during the livestream. More information on how to do so will be available during the event. Find out more about Giro 555 here.

Main image: Amsterdam's Concertgebouw. ©Sebastian Koppehel