Composer Richard Harvey to release 'Scénarios'

05 July 2018
4x3-richard-harvey-92415.jpg Richard Harvey
The British composer is releasing a collection of miniatures for solo piano this September.



A collection of miniatures for piano

Feat. John Lenehan - piano



British composer, conductor and multi-instrumentalist, Richard Harvey, is delighted to announce the September release of his brand-new album ‘Scénarios’ - A Collection of Miniatures for Solo Piano, composed by Harvey and performed by acclaimed pianist, John Lenehan, known for the versatility and sensitivity of his interpretations. 

Hailing from a musical family, whose father was a composer and woodwind player, Richard Harvey studied at the Royal College of Music, including composition classes with the late Stephen Dodgson, and was a member of the British Youth Symphony Orchestra. He formed his first group in the early 1970s, the progressive rock band ‘Gryphon’, famous both for its unique sound-world that successfully melded English folk with medieval and Renaissance elements and for touring regularly with ‘Yes’ both in the UK and the USA. 

Richard Harvey is renowned for the breadth and depth of his work as a composer, which includes the famous guitar concerto ‘Concerto Antico’, written for leading guitarist John Williams, and for which he was entered into the Classic FM Hall of Fame and also for his large-scale choral works, including the popular ‘Kyrie for the Magdalene’, co-written with Hans Zimmer and which was a musical highlight of Ron Howard’s notable film ‘The Da Vinci Code’, starring Tom Hanks.

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Moving seamlessly between the classical world and his work for film and TV, Harvey has conducted top symphony orchestras around the world and has performed internationally as a sought-after soloist. He has also recorded for, and collaborated with, very many significant contemporary composers and musicians, including Sir Paul McCartney, Stanley Myers, John Williams and Hans Zimmer and artist Ralph Steadman for whom he wrote an Oratorio ‘Plague and the Moonflower’ as part of an unusual multi-media project. Richard Harvey and Elvis Costello won joint BAFTA for their work on Alan Beasdale’s political drama ‘GBH’ and Harvey is the recipient of an animation industry Annie Award for his score for the animated feature ‘The Little Prince’ on which he collaborated once again with his long-term musical partner and friend, Hans Zimmer. He has been nominated for four Ivor Novello Awards.

Richard Harvey is fascinated by musical instruments and owns a large collection of over 800 different instruments from around the world. He has founded a music charity called the MAE Foundation which introduces musical teaching and participation to children in long-term refugee camp situations.

Of ‘Scénarios’, Richard Harvey commented: “When I’m composing, I always feel that the audience and I are one and the same and therefore I always try to write music that I would like to hear. It’s important to like what you create.”



Release date: 7/9/18

Altus Records