Chiltern Music Therapy opens the iPod Pharmacy

10 July 2018
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Based in the UK, Chiltern Music Therapy is aiming bringing music therapy to your fingertips and ears through the use of donated iPods.
Chiltern Music Therapy opens the iPod Pharmacy Images



On Monday 16th July 2018, Jazz FM will host the press launch of the iPod Pharmacy with Chiltern Music Therapy.



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Hugely successful in Canada, the UK iPod Pharmacy scheme involves people donating their old, used iPods to Chiltern. These are then reconditioned and loaded with personalised playlists and tracks for music therapists to loan out to their patients and clients. This includes children and adults of all ages receiving treatment in hospital, or to the elderly in care homes with little or no access to technology and music. Someone’s old iPod can be used to help take a patient’s mind off their treatment or pain, or simply aid their well-being using their favourite music.

People can get involved in supporting the iPod Pharmacy in a variety of ways, either by donating their old iPods or donating £5 or £10 towards a personal playlist for a patient. People can simply donate, send in their iPods, or drop them off at a local depot, shown on .Chiltern are also encouraging people to set up their own local iPod Pharmacy teams and depots. Local depots will be supported by Chiltern Music Therapy with posters and marketing materials.

Music Therapy offers unique and measurable benefits in the treatment and recuperation of people who are undergoing a wide range of health issues. Chiltern Music Therapy supports people in 4 key areas: social interaction & communication, emotion & behaviour, cognition & learning, and physical skills. Chiltern's children and adult services offers a wide range of varied support, from supporting children with Autism and learning difficulties, right through to adults with brain injury and Dementia.

For this iPod Pharmacy initiative, Yamaha has pledged to gift a pair of headphones for every iPod donated, allowing recipients to receive a completed audio package.

Get involved and visit the iPod Pharmacy website for more information.

Elizabeth Nightingale from Chiltern Music Therapy said: “There are over 1000 qualified music therapists in the UK working with tens of thousands of children and adults each year. Music Therapists work in a myriad of ways and places, but the core element of using the power of music to make a positive change for someone is central to all our work. Chiltern Music Therapy are delighted to be the exclusive UK partners of the hugely successful iPod Pharmacy initiative and this fantastic scheme will help our therapists to reach more people in need using music”

Nick Pitts, Content Director of Jazz FM said: “Not only are we thrilled to be able to lend our support and host the launch event for this exciting partnership, but we will be supporting Chiltern Music Therapy for the next 12 months on air through presenter endorsements and airtime, starting with our very own iPod Pharmacy where we will be asking our listeners to donate their old devices. With over 1 million listeners tuning into Jazz FM every month, there sure has to be enough old iPods out there to really make a difference.”  

Formed in Chesham, UK, in 2011, Chiltern Music Therapy now have a team of over 30 which includes neurologic music therapists, music therapists, community musicians, DJs, and music producers. The Community Music programme ensures that people can continue to access support and help even after discharge from Music Therapy.