Chilly Gonzales and Sofiane Pamart among 12 pianists to feature on new 'Beethoven Recomposed' album

30 March 2021
By Ellie Palmer
The pianists celebrate Beethoven’s 250th anniversary by releasing an album of his most famous masterpieces in a new Deezer Originals release

The 12 pianists have put their own twist on the classical pieces. Each pianist has made one of Beethoven's original compositions into their own. The new album is available exclusively on global streaming service, Deezer, as part of its Originals series. Take a listen below.



Chilly Gonzales plays Piano Sonata No. 15 - 'Pastorale': II. Andante, and has stripped away the original bass notes from the piece. Of his reimagining, he comments, "When I first heard this Beethoven Sonata, I thought it sounded really modern - the left hand is like a sequence. You could almost imagine it being in a slowed-down techno song, like an 80s synthesizer bass line.

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When I sat down to play this, I realized the bass line was getting in my way. I ended up taking away that modern-pop element and focusing instead on the melody. I thought that would become more of a challenge, to essentially take away the rhythm that’s so famous in this movement, and see what I can do with the melody as if it was a jazz ballad.”

Elsewhere Sofiane Pamart offers a take on Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No 14 – 'Moonlight Sonata'. Pamart created a new melody that still uses Beethoven’s harmonies and chords for the piece.

Beethoven Recomposed includes the 12 original Beethoven compositions alongside the 12 new piano tracks, to help listeners hear the difference.

See the full track listing below.

  • Sofiane Pamart – Piano Sonata No 14 'Moonlight Sonata' 
  • Chloe Flower  Piano Concerto No 5 'Emperor' – Adagio
  • Chilly Gonzales  Piano Sonata No. 15 'Pastorale': II. Andante 
  • Roger Eno  Für Elise
  • Belle Chen – Piano Concerto No.4 in G Major, Op. 58: I. Allegro moderato 
  • Florian Christl  Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 13, Op. 130 – II. Presto
  • Balmorhea  Sonata Pathétique No. 8, op. 13 - Adagio Cantabile
  • Lise de la Salle  Piano Concerto No 3 - 'Largo' (2nd Movement) 
  • Shida Shahabi – Piano Sonata No 26 'Les Adieux': Andante 
  • RIOPY  Symphony No 7: Allegretto 
  • Julia Gjertsen  Sonata No.20 in G Major, Op 49 No 2 
  • Carlos Cipa  Piano Sonata No 30 op 109: Vivace