Casio release new compact portable digital keyboard

18 July 2019
By Ellie Palmer
The Casiotone CT-S200 is the latest addition to the Casiotone series

Casio Music have announced the release of the Casiotone CT-S200, the latest addition to the Casiotone series. Designed with the intention to be portable and functional for the user, the keyboard is easy to carry so users can enjoy making music in all locations.

The NEW Casiotone CT-S200 takes its name from the first-ever Casio digital keyboard, which was developed four decades prior. The CT-S200 is designed with portability in mind, to allow users to enjoy playing in their own style, anytime and anywhere.

The most recent model to the collection includes features not seen in previous models. Coming in at a compact size 30% less in volume than previous existing models, Casio have made the new model easier to operate, including an all-new simple interface layout, and new buttons, which allow users to save their favourite musical tones.

The new speakers feature stronger magnets and a function that optimises equalisation in tandem with volume. The new keyboard also comes with features that enable users to enjoy music in a variety of ways, such as the Dance Music Voices, and Chordana Play app connectivity to make practising fun.

The NEW Casiotone CT-S200 range


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Main features

- Lightweight and compact size for enjoying music more easily

- Interface easy to use for everyone

- Dance Music Mode and Voices expand ways to enjoy playing

- Chordana Play app connectivity to make practising fun


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