Casio launches #casiopro

01 September 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-09-01-at-15.29.11-70758.png #casiopro
Brand new lifestyle sub-brand is introduced


Brand new lifestyle sub-brand is introduced


Today, Friday 1 September, Casio Music unveils a new look and marketing strategy surrounding their existing line up of stage pianos and studio controllers. #casiopro is launched as the EMI division’s very own music lifestyle sub-brand, drawing on its wealth of experience from its timepiece division which has successfully developed sub-brands over the years, most notably G-shock and Baby G.


#casiopro has been conceived as the enabler for grass-roots music, acknowledging the ambitions of emerging UK artists, based on detailed market research into the evolving ways musicians interact with their stage and studio equipment. The #casiopro range seamlessly facilitates the dedicated musician’s journey from studio to rehearsal, through to live performance on stage.



The stage piano series consists of 4 models: The PX-160, PX-360, PX-5S and PX-560 (pictured above) with each instrument weighing in at less than 12kg, making them ideal for the gigging musician and those long hard commutes to venues. The true virtue of the #casiopro range however, is found in the remarkable AiR Sound Source engine, equipped with the most illustrious range of authentic Piano, EP and lush string sounds to name but few significant musical features. 


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#casiopro and its commitment to bringing through some of the UK’s most exciting talent has provided a hub for six artist endorsees to showcase their music on a new website, - each artist’s page will feature live performances on this fantastic range of stage pianos; be sure to follow the journey and discover more about these professional instruments which are doing much more than providing a quality piano of choice for the UK Music Scene.



Jack Terroni, Product Marketing Executive, Casio Music UK says: ‘I am delighted to be repositioning our stage piano line up via #casiopro which will see the way we talk about these instruments change and ultimately communicate to an audience more befitting of the unique features found on these products. By introducing and collaborating with upcoming musicians, Casio Music UK stands on the leading edge of new music, connecting with the aspiring musicians of today.

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