Budding young pianists BANNED by their local council from playing the piano too loudly

02 August 2019
By Ellie Palmer
Family given notice by Sheffield Council after neighbour complains

Sheffield Council has banned two young pianists from playing the piano too loudly in their own home after a complaint from their neighbour. 

John Dyson, father to Riley, 14, and Melody, 17, received the notice following an official noise complaint about the noise coming from his children playing instruments within the home. He commented, "It is just soul-destroying that they can't play, it is going to deprive them of their hobbies and education."

Both Riley and Melody are currently studying music. Riley is currently studying for his GCSEs whilst Melody is studying for her A-Levels.

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The official notice outrightly forbids the use of instruments at unsociable hours.

To combat the problem, John has invested in a digital piano with headphones, so that his two children can practise without disrupting the neighbours. "They can wear headphones with the keyboard so it doesn't make as much noise but they don't get that enjoyment," he says. "When you're playing the ivory keys there is just no comparison."

John will be served with a £5,000 charge if he breaks the rules of the notice.

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