25 November 2016
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Get your first 3 issues FREE and pay nothing for half a year when you subscribe to Pianist today!

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  • 6 issues of Pianist each year
  • Learn to play 40 pages of sheet music in every issue. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player we feature classical and modern scores suitable for your playing ability. Find pieces to enjoy learning and increase your playing repertoire
  • Hear how to play the featured scores with your FREE Tutorial CD. Listen to the scores played and recorded by professional pianist Chenyin Li at the Royal College of Music to understand how the scores sound. With exclusive bonus tracks from our featured cover artist you can sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful CD of music
  • Expert notation on all beginners scores. Let us guide you through the piece, as a piano teacher would in a lesson
  • Discover how to improve your playing with our learning tips, Q&As and ‘how to’ guides from eminent pianists such as Lucy Parham and Christopher Norton
  • Find a piano teacher, tuner or piano for sale in your local area with our comprehensive ‘Where Can I Find?’ directory
  • Read the latest sheet music and CD reviews, piano news and concert diary dates, so you know what is happening in the piano world
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