BIS Records acquired by Apple Music

06 September 2023
By Ellie Palmer
The label has just celebrated its 50th birthday

BIS Records founder Robert von Bahr has announced that the Swedish record label will become a part of Apple Music Classical.

The label is considered amongst the most highly-respected classical labels in the world, and just celebrated its 50th birthday last week.

Von Bahr released a lengthy statement on the company's website. He begins, "A few days ago BIS Records turned 50 years old and I am immensely proud of what our small team of people has accomplished during this half-century. BIS’s specialty, while paying our dues to the core repertoire, has been to nurture young classical artists and interesting living composers and to safeguard the musical treasure that we all represent long into the future. It is to that end that, after much careful consideration, and having just turned 80, I am excited to announce the rather momentous news that we have made the decision to become part of the Apple family."


Robert von Bahr (pictured) founded the label back in 1973. ©Väringavägen


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He continues, "There have been numerous moves of late by Apple to further support creativity within the classical space, not the least of which was the release of Apple Music Classical earlier this year. Apple and BIS also share a fundamental belief in the importance of preserving audio quality. As you are all aware, BIS has always been about exceptional sound quality, and Apple’s dedication to sound, as well as to Spatial Audio, is something I have followed with interest."

The statement can be read in full here.

Robert von Bahr gives an interview inside the upcoming Oct/Nov issue of Pianist about the label's 50th anniversary. More information can be found here.