A self-playing Steinway Spirio stands proud in the Accessories Hall of Selfridges’ flagship Oxford Street store

12 July 2017
spirio2-20252.jpg Spirio
Pop along to see what the piano will be playing, from now until 18 October



At Selfridges London

A self-playing Steinway Spirio piano is bringing notes of harmony to the Accessories Hall of Selfridges’ flagship Oxford Street store in London until 18 October, as part of the company’s drive to promote live music.

Music Matters at Selfridges will host live musicians across several genres in partnership with the Bold Tendencies and Multi-Story Orchestra based in the south-east London suburb of Peckham. There will also be live music evenings at Selfridges’ stores in Manchester and Birmingham.

See what Lang Lang has to say about the Steinway Spirio: 



At a time when music venues across the UK are closing due to lack of funding, the aim of the Music Matters campaign is to bring live music-making into wider public consciousness through high-profile performances. Bold Tendencies and the Multi-Story Orchestra have given concerts as part of the BBC Proms and brought new audiences to classical music through unconventional programming in unusual venues including a Peckham car park.


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Watch the Multi-Story Orchestra perform Steve Reich from the BBC Proms:  



So don't forget to pop on down to the Accessories Hall in Selfridges. You never know, you might come away with a Steinway rather than a handbag! 


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