A Bechstein grand from 1899 returns to Wigmore Hall on Saturday evening!

09 March 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-03-09-at-17.37.53-18703.png Bechstein
Pierre-Laurent Aimard gives a pre-concert talk about this unique instrument before his recital


Pierre-Laurent Aimard gives a pre-concert talk about the instrument before his recital

Saturday 11 March, Wigmore Hall, London


Bechstein Hall (Wigmore hall) in London opened in 1901. Many of the greatest pianists of the day performed there on Bechstein pianos. Now 117 years later, a restored Bechstein concert grand made in 1899 returns to the Wigmore hall to be performed on by acclaimed pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard. Aimard has chosen a specific repertoire of compositions by composers who used Bechstein of that period.


This recital gives us a ‘time portal’ to hear what audiences might have experienced in 1900. And to also bring us into the next millennium there will also be a new composition by Julian Anderson.


Says Peter Salisbury, the technician who will be looking after the piano that day, ‘The piano has a unique singing tone. It’s nature is more ethereal and not grounded, hence Scriabin and Debussy is so perfectly suited to its voice. Make no mistake – this is a real concert grand and pioneered piano design more aligned with today’s instruments than any fortepiano concepts. I’m in love with its character.... I can’t wait to see what happens when it gets in the Wigmore’. 


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Pre-concert talk by Pierre-Laurent Aimard, 6pm

(all tickets £4)

Pierre-Laurent Aimard in recital, 7.30pm

(various ticket prices)

Works by Liszt, Scriabin, Debussy, Anderson and more


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