9/11 memorial piano album set to be released to commemorate its 20th anniversary

25 August 2021
By Ellie Palmer
Adam Swayne, Deputy Head of Keyboard Studies at RNCM, will premiere the album, titled '9/11:20', at Wigmore Hall on September 11

A commemorative album of piano works in memory of the 9/11 disaster is set to be released next month, and premiered at Wigmore Hall in London on September 11 at 1pm.

Adam Swayne's '9/11:20' features piano works by composers Karen Walwyn, Henry Cowell, Kevin Malone, Scott Joplin and David Del Tredici.


'9/11:20' will be released digitally on 3 September, and physically on 11 September


Tredici's 'Gotham Glory: III, Missing Towers' has already been released. Take a listen below.

Throughout the recital, voices from a diverse range of American communities will be heard, with three focused on private reflections of 9/11. In particular, Kevin Malone's 'Sudden Memorials' – a 30-minute composition – will capture in sound the instant and fleeting memorials that friends and relatives left at the scene of a tragedy. The work embraces polystylism, bringing further voices into the narrative.

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Alongside three pioneering works by Henry Cowell, a very slow piece by Scott Joplin called 'Solace' completes the programme by challenging the white stereotype projected onto this composer during the twentieth century.

All artist royalties from the CD will go to the Fulbright Commission. Tickets for the Wigmore Hall concert can be found here.


Track list for '9/11:20':

  • Karen Walwyn: Reflections on 9/11 (Nos. 3+6)
  • Henry Cowell: The Tides of Manaunaun, Fabric + Aeolian Harp
  • Kevin Malone: Sudden Memorials
  • Scott Joplin: Solace
  • David Del Tredici: Missing Towers


Main image: ©Jason Lam