18-year-old Yoav Levanon stars inside the new issue of Pianist

22 July 2022
By Ellie Palmer
Pianist 127 is out NOW: Young Israeli pianist Yoav Levanon stars on the cover, masterclasses on motivation, plus the 2023 Pianist Composing Competition officially launches!


What's in this Issue?

✔ Yoav Levanon – The 18-year-old pianist on Beethoven, Barenboim and finding time for friends

✔ 40+ PAGES OF SCORES – 13 scores in total, including a Beethoven Bagatelle, Mondnacht from Robert and Clara Schumann, and the winning score from the 2022 Pianist Composing Competition

✔ Masterclass 1 – Mark Tanner on keeping your eyes fixed to the score

✔ Masterclass 2 – Graham Fitch on being imaginative with your legato arpeggios

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✔ 2023 Pianist Composing Competition – Details on how you can WIN a Kawai piano

✔ Mind over Motivation – How do we stay focused when day-to-day distractions get in the way? John Evans turns to the experts for answers

✔ Piano Teacher Help Desk – How to get your pupils to discover the joys of counterpoint 

✔ Van Cliburn Competition – Erica Worth reports from the famous piano competition's sixteenth edition Finals week

✔ EXCLUSIVE VIDEO LESSONS for all levels – from Graham Fitch, Chenyin Li, Tim Stein, Martin James Bartlett and more! 

✔ Prefer to go digital? Download Pianist directly to your device here


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