12 finalists announced for this week's 18th Chopin Competition finals

18 October 2021
By Ellie Palmer
The finals will take place in Warsaw, Poland, from 18-20 October

The 12 finalists for this year's Chopin Competition have been announced. 

The pianists represent an 10 countries in total.

The finalists are as follows:

✔ Ms Leonora Armellini, Italy

✔ Mr J J Jun Li Bui, Canada

✔ Mr Alexander Gadjiev , Italy/Slovenia

✔ Mr Martin Garcia Garcia, Spain

✔ Ms Eva Gevorgyan, Russia/Armenia

✔ Ms Aimi Kobayashi, Japan

✔ Mr Jakub Kuszlik, Poland

✔ Mr Hyuk Lee, South Korea

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✔ Mr Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu, Canada

✔ Mr Kamil Pacholec, Poland

✔ Mr Hao Rao, China

✔ Mr Kyohei Sorita, Japan


The finals are set to take place from 18-20 October. You can watch it LIVE on the competition's YouTube channel here from 5pm BST, or directly from their website.

On top of monetary prizes for the top six finalists, there are also a number of 'special' prizes up for grabs. These include The Best Performance of Mazurkas (5,000€), The Best Performance of a Concerto(5,000€), The Best Performance of a Polonaise(5,000€), The Best Performance of a Sonata(10,000€), Prize for the Youngest Finalist in the Competition (10 000zł + 100€) and others.

Past winners of the competition include Maurizio Pollini (1960), Martha Argerich (1965) and Krystian Zimerman (1975).

Good luck to all involved!

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