Yamaha brings back two of its most popular models

01 June 2022
By Ellie Palmer
Two Clavinova models, the CSP-150 and the CSP-170, return to the shelves

Two of Yamaha's most popular piano models are now once again available.

The CSP-150 (RRP £2,689) and the CSP-170 (RRP £3,649), are suitable for players of all ages and levels, and come with plenty of innovative features.

Both models can 'go grand' by switching to the Yamaha CFX or Bösendorfer Imperial Voices - two world-class concert grand piano sounds - which are built into the pianos. They also come with 692 high-quality Voices, plus 29 drum kits, offering players a wide musical spectrum to choose from and experiment with.

Like most of Yamaha's digital pianos, these two models come equipped with the Smart Pianist app. When connected to the Clavinova CSP piano, players can learn how to play songs in a quick and entertaining way. Yamaha's Stream Lights feature can guide the player by lighting up the keys that need to be played. 

The Smart Pianist app also includes a function called Audio to Score. The feature automatically
creates a piano accompaniment score from the songs on the players‘ smart device, allowing them to enjoy playing along with their favourite tunes right away.

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A full breakdown of the features of each piano can be found below.

Yamaha CSP-150

Yamaha CSP-170