British piano maker Edelweiss releases astonishing new one-off piano

20 October 2021
By Ellie Palmer
'The Silex' piano is just the latest of a number of fantastical creations from the piano maker

Edelweiss Piano has released image of its brand-new one-off hybrid piano named 'The Silex'.

The custom-built piano was made for a buyer in the USA who was looking for a piano that would complement the 'rugged' view from their property.

The idea for the piano had been on hold for some time, but the request of the US client gave Edelweiss the perfect opportunity to bring the idea to life. Mark Norman, Design Director at Edelweiss Pianos, comments: "The design of Le Silex came about whilst on a countryside hike. I stumbled over a piece of flint and marvelled at how one side was exposed and exceptionally shiny while the surrounding exterior was rough and grey. It looked beautiful and I considered if this could be translated into a piano sculpture."


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The piano is a hybrid, and can be played both as an acoustic piano and a digital piano. It took more than a year to build. While the price of the instrument is confidential, it is estimated that it was sold for between $500,000 and $1.5million.

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