Exclusive Members-Only Masterclasses on YouTube


Sign up to our brand-new membership option on YouTube and enjoy private access to piano masterclasses* from our teachers! 

The membership gives you access to exclusive, 1-hour professional piano masterclasses taught by our roster of teachers, which include Alisdair Hogarth and Dr Josh Wright. You will also gain access to Graham Fitch's regular video lessons before anyone else sees them.

A new 1-hour masterclass will be available on the 1st of each month. You can view them directly on our YouTube channel once you are logged in. A list of topics you can expect to be addressed are below:


Alisdair Hogarth masterclasses

✔ How to Memorise a Piece: Memory tricks, improv, playing melodic lines with one finger, alternative options to performing from memory

✔ Piano Technique: The Basic Tools: Practical advice on lots inc. thirds, sixths, trills, repeated notes, octaves etc.

✔ The Craft of Practising: How to get your piece up to performance standard, ready for exams, recitals, playing for friends etc.

✔ How to Cheat at the Keyboard: Tips and advice on how to shortcut your way around difficult skills and techniques.

✔ Three-Part Series: How to Return to the Piano as an Adult

Part 1: Revisiting the basics (hand position, hand posture, note reading, sight reading)

Part 2: Piano fitness (developing flexibility and strength, demonstration of a piano exercises routine)

Part 3: Improvising and playing popular music (with Dom Ferris. Adjusting song arrangements for piano)


✔ Three-Part Series: How to Learn a New Piano Piece

Part 1: Where do we start? How to learn a new piece: an overview

Part 2: Memory and fingering

Part 3:  Playing fast & how to deal with nerves


✔ Three-Part Series: Good Habits vs Bad Habits

Part 1: Good habits to adopt in your playing, looking at techniques like scales, octaves, trills, etc

Part 2: How to identify a bad habit... and how to FIX it

Part 3: Injury, arthritis, carpel tunnel, tendonitis... how do we deal with these issues as pianists?



Dr Josh Wright masterclasses

✔ How to Tackle Piano Performance Anxiety: Strategies for overcoming performance anxiety that he has picked up from world-class teachers and performers, as well as from his own experience competing and performing internationally. These will include changing one's mindset, pre-concert routines, and more.



*Please note: The 1-hour masterclasses have been pre-recorded in front of live online audiences, and therefore include references and interactions between the teacher and their students.