Yamaha C2X Enspire

Yamaha C2X Enspire

The pinnacle of reproducing technologies, Yamaha’s Enspire Pro system offers the highest resolution recording and playback paired with the highest quality acoustic pianos for those who want nothing but the best.

DC2X Enspire Pro is, at its heart, a Yamaha C2X. With a refined action, revolutionary new music wire, and the same hammer felt as the
flagship CFX, DC2X is more responsive and more rewarding to play than ever before. As part of the coveted CX series, the instrument also benefits from a unique soundboard design to improve resonance and a back frame specifically designed to support a rich and resonant tone.

Yamaha’s Enspire system transforms your piano into an instrument everyone can enjoy. With a streamlined control panel hidden from view, and effortless integration with smart devices, the Enspire Pro system offers the ultimate in luxury technology.

More than just a silent piano, sit back as it entertains you with artistic excellence in your own living room, both from a huge repertoire of built-in recordings and from Yamaha Piano Radio. Everything is available to you, from classical piano performances to your favourite jazz and pop songs, complete with orchestra, bands and vocalists. The Yamaha C2X Enspire Pro even integrates seamlessly into Yamaha’s MusicCast system for true multi-room performance throughout your home.

Play, learn, compose or simply listen and enjoy, the C2X Enspire Pro offers it all.

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Yamaha C2X Enspire Yamaha C2X Enspire
  • Price

    £ 42,131

  • Pedals

    3: soft, sostenuto, damper. Also available as a Silent Piano, TransAcoustic as well as acoustic only

  • Dimensions

    173cm (l), 149cm (w), 101cm (h)

  • Finishes

    Polished ebony, polished mahogany, satin American walnut, satin ebony and polished white

  • Made In