Yamaha AvantGrand N1X

Yamaha’s N1X AvantGrand effortlessly brings all of the benefits of a grand piano action to an instrument with a footprint strikingly similar to that of a U1 upright.

Featuring an authentic Yamaha grand piano action with over 5000 parts, the N1X is not only captivating to play, it sounds remarkable. This is because from the very first note you play, the sound you hear is that of a
flagship Yamaha concert grand piano.


Action: Specialised acoustic grand piano action
Internal Sounds: 15
Finishes: Polished ebony
Price: £8,324

Capturing the sound of this incredible instrument is only one part of the AvantGrand story. Equally as important are the speakers which Yamaha, pioneers in high end hi-fi technology, have advanced like never before. In fact, with the introduction of AvantGrand, Yamaha ignited a revolution with their approach to sampling and the subsequent playback of acoustic instrument sounds.

Treating the soundboard not simply as a point source of sound but as a plane, Yamaha took samples at four positions rather than the traditional two. Meanwhile, the Yamaha N1X’s speaker system has been designed to ensure that this sound is heard best at the playing position. A three-way system featuring woofer, mid-range and tweeter speakers reproduce the rich natural resonance of the soundboard with an
accuracy never before heard. This innovative configuration allows the instrument’s outstanding sound system to reproduce the nuances of each individual note.

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  • Price

    £ 8,324

  • Finishes

    Polished ebony