Yamaha CF6

Yamaha CF6

Handcrafted by the same elite artisans, and from the same materials as the world leading CFX Concert Grand, the CF6 shares its bigger brother’s beautiful expressive capabilities and huge tonal presence.

A wide palette of tonal colours is achievable and the perfectly balanced action allows the reproduction of even the most subtle of expressive nuances. The CF6 can ‘sing’ musical phrases with a depth of expression and clarity rarely heard in an instrument of this size.

In fact, many pianists comment that with its rich open sound, it gives the player an impression of playing a full-sized concert instrument. The CF6 is widely adopted through many of the world’s leading concert halls and institutions, including the Royal Academy of Music.

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Yamaha CF6 Yamaha CF6
  • Price

    £ 91,386

  • Pedals

    3: soft, sostenuto, damper

  • Dimensions

    159 x 103 x 212

  • Finishes

    Polished ebony

  • Made In