Wilhelm-Schimmel W114T


The W114T is the first model in the Wilhelm-Schimmel range of upright pianos. Made in Schimmel’s own factory in Kalisz, Poland, these instruments are constructed in the same traditional manner as their German counterparts.

In fact, the acoustic design is similar to that of the £10,000 Schimmel C116T and, just like its more expensive cousin, the W114’s soundboard crowning alone takes six months to create. This time-consuming and costly method of soundboard manufacture is what helps to give Schimmel pianos their distinctive, big, rich, singing tone and clearly marks out these pianos from their mass-produced competitors at similar price points and size.

The Wilhelm uprights all come with actions fitted with Renner made hammers. New for this year the action mechanism can be further enhanced, as a £950 option, with the installation of a fully Renner made German action.  This brings the Wilhelm instruments even closer in performance to their more expensive Schimmel Classic range cousins.

As well as having a beautiful sound, these instruments are elegant pieces of furniture. The long leg-design features adjustable gliders at the foot which ensures the steadiness of the piano even on an uneven floor.  This also improves tuning stability as well as physical stability.

These pianos encourage you to play every day, emphasising the beauty of every note.



  • Case Option of Traditional or Modern style (same price)
  • Extra features: All Wilhelm-Schimmel uprights are available with silent ‘TwinTone’ system; pianos come as standard with adjustable gliders (castors are an option)
  • Option to upgrade to full Renner made action (£950).
  • Price

    £ 6,450

  • Pedals

    3: middle is a practice pedal

  • Weight


  • Dimensions

    114cm (h), 148cm (w), 55cm (d)

  • Finishes

    Black, mahogany or white polyester (high gloss)

  • Made In