Wilh. Steinberg Signature 188

Wilh. Steinberg Signature Line S188

The provenance of Wilh. Steinberg grand pianos and uprights can be traced back to the piano builder family, Geyer, who founded their workshop in 1877 in Eisenberg, Germany.


  • Renner Hammerheads and Action parts
  • Kluge keyboard
  • Finest Alaskan spruce Soundboard
  • Inner Rim veneered with bird’s eye maple

The attractive design, impressively dynamic sound and the remarkable quality of all WILH. STEINBERG instruments are their base of success. More than 140 years of experience combined with state-of-the-art piano building technologies ensures the Wilh. Steinberg promise for a nice, colorful sound and superior quality.

All WILH. STEINBERG instruments are fitted with soundboards made from carefully selected solid spruce from Alaska.

The company states that they build extraordinary, high quality upright and grand pianos with superior sound. One should feel free to play the instruments and discover the forceful but finely nuanced tone – let your ears decide. 

This middle size grand piano S188 really is a competitor to a lot of the well knowing brands. The sound is intense and fascinating for the pianist as well as the audience. The touch of the action allows perfect control in every level of dynamic and the elegant finish completes the performance of this superior grand piano, which is a high-class instrument made in Eisenberg.

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Wilh. Steinberg Signature 188 Wilh. Steinberg Signature 188
  • Price

    £ 32,290

  • Pedals


  • Dimensions

    154cm (h), 188 cm (w), 101cm (d)

  • Finishes

    Ebony, white, other quality-wood veneers available

  • Made In