W. Hoffmann Tradition T122


The W. Hoffmann Tradition T122 model boasts many details typical of great piano making. The action integrates a wealth of craftsmanship and delivers a stunning dynamic range that enables you to master pianissimo and fortissimo passages alike.

The voice stands out for its differentiated, colourful tone. All the production steps involved in making this piano, including the manual voicing of the C. Bechstein hammerheads, are performed at C. Bechstein’s Czech factory, C. Bechstein Europe s.r.o, by highly skilled C. Bechstein Europe piano-makers.

The W. Hoffmann Tradition T122 piano is made of numerous valuable parts, including a back-frame of medium-hard pine, a soundboard and ribs of solid alpine European spruce, a pin-block of beech multiplex, sound-transmitting bridges of European beech, and a sand-cast iron frame.

Selected by leading schools and colleges, the W. Hoffmann T122 is rapidly becoming known as the European alternative to leading Japanese brands for those wanting a variety in tone and touch. From the Bohemian heartland of European piano production, the state-of-the-art W. Hoffmann factory draws upon a rich heritage of cultural performance and master piano-making skills which have been passed down the generations, often within the same family. Modern-day workshop craftsmanship along with the newest CNC technology and wood-working machinery ensures the W. Hoffmann T122 stands apart.

The W. Hoffmann Tradition T122 is ideal for beginners and aspiring pianists looking to invest in a piano that will last and allow their musicality to engage with their instrument. Hand-made in Europe, the T122 is a performance-quality upright at the price of Japanese mass-production, with the 5 year C. Bechstein warranty.

  • Price

    £ 7,790

  • Pedals


  • Dimensions

    122cm (h), 147cm (w), 61cm (d)

  • Finishes

    Black, white, mahogany, walnut polyester, walnut satin

  • Made In

    Czech Republic