Steingraeber B-192

A new standard for Salon Grand Pianos.

The B-192 features the latest Steingraeber design and is closely modelled on their Model C-212 grand. It is therefore the second descendent of the famous Liszt piano from 1873.

It is crafted to bring the projection and precision of a concert grand piano into your living room. With features that have been engineered for concert grand pianos, scaled down to this boudoir grand piano, it is well suited to the most discerning professionals and for use in music conservatories.

It has very long bass strings, on a similar scale to those of a chamber music concert grand, which give the piano its wide range of sound. The touch is of a concert grand, using the action designed for the C-212 grand. Numerous design features employed by Steingraeber contribute to the fabulously rich treble with increased sustain. These include a straight bass bridge that promotes vibration, and highly flexible bridges made of solid red beech.

The B-192 model is available in Steingraeber’s full range of veneers and finishes.

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Steingraeber-B-192-min-81936.jpg Steingraeber B-192
  • Price

    £ 70,440

  • Pedals


  • Dimensions

    193cm (l),154cm (w), 103cm (h)

  • Finishes

    Choice of all veneers and colours available

  • Made In