Schimmel Konzert Series K122 Elegance

The K122E Elegance is one of Schimmel’s best selling models worldwide.


  • Dimensions: 122cm (h), 156cm (w), 62cm (d)
  • Finishes: Black or white polyester (high gloss)
  • Pedals: 3: middle is a practice pedal
  • Extra features: All Schimmel uprights are available with silent ‘TwinTone’ system that uses optical sensors; adjustable gliders (castors are an option)
  • Made in: Germany
  • PRICE: £17,250

Nothing could be more pleasing for the piano designers at Schimmel than to have the goals they strived for so clearly recognised by pianists. ‘The piano that completely satisfies’; ‘This piano immediately generates a seldom experienced degree of confidence due to its excellent action’; ‘The most favourable aspect is undoubtedly the very fine structure of the tonal balance which comes into its own through the outstanding, controllable, dynamic level. These qualities transform the piano into an equally refined and precise but also round-toned and singing instrument. It is rare for so many qualities to be concentrated in one piano’; ‘This excellence extends to the bass registers which are well-defined and enable the performance of a great diversity of musical styles to equally great effect.’ These are the verdicts of the judges of music magazines Diapason and Le Monde de la Musique when conducting ‘blind’ piano tests.

The K122E Schimmel incorporates many design features from the company’s concert grands. The scale design is taken from the 280 Concert Grand and, uniquely for upright pianos, it has full triplex stringing to enhance both sustain in the treble and overall richness of sound.

An extraordinary dynamic range is produced by a combination of Schimmel action and a soundboard that incorporates ‘dynamic bars’. The clarity of sound, without the harshness that this is often associated with, is a triumph of scale and soundboard design.

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Schimmel-122-min-28198.jpg Schimmel Konzert Series K122 Elegance
  • Price

    £ 17,250

  • Pedals

    3: middle is a practice pedal

  • Dimensions

    122cm (h), 156cm (w), 62cm (d)

  • Finishes

    Black or white polyester (high gloss)

  • Made In