Schimmel Konzert K230T

Schimmel Konzert K230T


One of the larger instruments in the six-model Konzert series grands, the Schimmel K230T is a recital grand perfectly suited both to ensemble and solo work. This model has won awards from three internationally recognised piano tests.

The philosophy behind the Konzert series is that all the ideal concepts of the large 280cm concert grand should be consistently integrated into the smaller models and, where possible, with identical construction. This enables pianists to enjoy the outstanding touch and tonal characteristics of a large concert grand even when performing on smaller models. Perhaps most immediately obvious to the pianist is that the action is taken directly from the full-sized 280cm concert grand. Thus even the smallest K175 model benefits from exactly the same nuanced control available to the concert stage performer. There is no better instrument on which to practise.

According to the report of Le Monde de la musique, ‘The musical possibilities of this instrument make an immediate impression. The overall tone of the instrument is rich and extremely well-balanced. All tonal registers are convincing in their individual characteristics: the treble range is clear and brilliant with no hint of aggressiveness. The medium range displays a wide palette of tonal colour which opens natural melodic possibilities. The bass range has a pleasant and open tonal colour with excellent power reserves. The action is faultless. Despite the somewhat light touch which enables a good tonal control, the repetition is excellent. The tonal power of this model must also be highlighted.’


  • Schimmel TwinTone (silent)

  • Price

    £ £55,000 + VAT

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, una corda, sostenuto

  • Dimensions

    230cm (l), 154cm (w), 102cm (h)

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