Schimmel Konzert K230T

Schimmel Konzert K230T

One of the larger instruments in the six-model Konzert series grands, the Schimmel K230T is a recital grand perfectly suited both to ensemble and solo work. This model has won awards from three internationally recognised piano tests.


  • Schimmel TwinTone (silent)

At 7’6” the Schimmel K230T is a medium size Recital grand suitable for solo piano in small-to-medium size venues as well as accompaniment/ensemble work.

If you are lucky enough to have a home with a room large enough, it is hard to imagine a better instrument. This piano has wowed every reviewer who has tried it from the likes of Pianiste, Le Monde de la Musique and Diapason. ‘This grand piano model has been a great success and the musical possibilities of this instrument make an immediate impression.

The overall tone of the instrument is rich and extremely well-balanced. All tonal registers are convincing in their individual characteristics: the treble range is clear and brilliant with no hint of aggressiveness. The medium range displays a wide palette of tonal colour which opens natural melodic possibilities. The bass range has a pleasant and open tonal colour with excellent power reserves.

The action is faultless. Despite the somewhat light touch which enables a good tonal control, the repetition is excellent. The tonal power of this model must also be highlighted. The extraordinary width of its soundboard doubtlessly plays a prominent role here.’

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Schimmel Konzert K230T Schimmel Konzert K230T
  • Price

    £ 67,000

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, una corda, sostenuto

  • Dimensions

    230cm (l), 154cm (w), 102cm (h)

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